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Bhartendu Academy of Dramatic Arts/ Bhartendu Natya Akademi: History of the Academy

About BNA: Bhartendu Academy of Dramatic Arts (Bhartendu Natya Akademi - भारतेन्दु नाट्य आकादमी - بھارتیندو نآٹیَہ اکادمی), is a theatre training institute situated at Lucknow, India.

BNA Founded on 2 July 1975 under the auspices of Uttar Pradesh Sangeet Natak Akademi (State of Uttar Pradesh, India), In 1977 it became autonomous and in 2008 it gained the status of a Deemed university. In 1981 institute started providing two-year full time diploma course in theatre training. The institution selects 20 candidates every year for its two year intensive Post Graduate Diploma course. It was only in the year 1981 when the institute started providing two-year full time diploma course in theatre training.

The Bhartendu Academy of Dramatic Arts has graduates around the world who are leaders in their fields. Be it in teaching, research, performance, composition, or the broader areas of stage, television and film production, our alumni excel in their chosen fields.

A Conservatory:
For over 35 years BNA has been hand picking the most talented individuals from the thousands of actors, designers and technicians who audition for a place at the Academy and equipping them with the finest training for their future careers in theatre, film, television and radio. The Academy offers the aspiring actors, designers and technicians a fertile ground for professional and personal growth. At each stage of development, students' classroom knowledge is evaluated through performance projects, scene work or onstage performances. Students who excel may be invited to join the Repertory Company, which offers further performance opportunities, often in the presence of directors and other industry professionals.

The Academy's Mission: The Bhartendu Academy of Dramatic Arts is the conservatory for actors, designers and technicians in the Hindi/ English-speaking world. Since then, its purpose has remained constant: To provide students with the tools needed to make acting, designing and technician their profession.

We select our students from varied backgrounds and from all around the India. Diversity, which gives our students exposure to many cultures, enriches the depth of the talent's work. Selectivity, which continues throughout our program, yields a pool of students who nourish each other's growth.

Our training program is unique, based upon the long tradition of the Academy and embracing modern methods that promote discipline and self-discovery, along with the development of technique. Our faculty consists of working professionals and master teachers. They lead students to deeply felt, psychologically true and physically realized performances. To support this process, students receive constant feedback from faculty who consult collaboratively on their progress.

The goal of the Academy is to prepare students for different careers in theatre, television and film. Our purpose is to provide a practical, post-secondary education that emphasizes the skills needed by an actor in today's competitive environment.

The Academy's Approach: Intensive Training for the Professionals

The ability to sustain truthful behaviour  in imaginary circumstances is the very heart and soul of Academy study.

In Lucknow, the Academy offers two years of conservatory training with performance opportunities, a third year of advanced performance training/ internship (Academy/
Repertory Company), internship's degree options, and summer programs.

As a profession, it provides the possibility of great fun and fulfilment as well as the likelihood of considerable frustration and struggle. Success in skill requires, among other things, a level of perseverance similar to that of any extremely challenging goal. The Academy's primary purpose is to serve those who want to spend their lives as actors. While some students may ultimately choose other paths in their lives, all students are expected to make a commitment to professional excellence and discipline while at the school.

Intensive training at a drama school of the sort offered at the Academy involves a student's whole being, and the time spent at our acting school in Lucknow is, inevitably, an important period of intellectual and physical development as well as imagination and risk taking.

The Academy and The Profession:
When the Academy began, to work as an actor, designer and technician meant only one thing: going on stage, in a theatre, before a live audience. Motion pictures and television were still years away. Today, it is likely that much of an talent's working life will be spent before the camera, rather than on the stage. (It should be noted, however, that talents who have had the greatest success in films and television are those who have had stage training and experience.) The Academy's goal is to fully prepare its students for any professional opportunity. Once they have mastered the basic discipline of truthful behaviour in imaginary circumstances in acting classes, students learn to adjust their skills to the needs of the camera.

Inspiring Guest Speakers:
The Academy has a rich tradition of inviting distinguished members of the different profession to share their professional experience and advice with Academy students. In addition to its own programs, the Academy hosts or participates in Foundation events.

"BNA Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence. Founded in 1975, the Finest Drama School in India."

- Arun Shekhar
- Brijesh Vyas

Bhartendu Academy of Dramatic Arts Alumni/ Bhartendu Natya Akademi Alumni (B-Positive): Overview

A family which is growing and spreading its wings all across the globe. "Unity in Strength" is a long forgotten proverb. Hence an effort like this has become mandatory.

The seed laid has grown and matured over the years having seen its share of ups and downs. Today it is in front of you in its full form

The success of "B-Positive" is measured by the achievements of the Academy’s graduates, many of whom are world renowned names and award winning on stage, screen and behind the scenes.

- Arun Shekhar
- Brijesh Vyas

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